Avalon Bunge

Using high-fired porcelain and traditional ancient glazes I make timeless and functional wares. A wise teacher told me: “We potters have had the cup pretty much figured out for ten thousand years or so.” This is so true, yet there is always something new to learn each time I sit down at the wheel. Making a cup and drinking from that handmade cup today creates a breathing space in our hectic world and connects us instantly to ten thousand years of human experience.

All my pots are made with careful attention to details of function. They fit comfortably and seamlessly into the hand and the home.

I studied ceramics at Cornell University and Syracuse University and have benefited from the skill and wisdom of many wonderful teachers (Peter Beasecker, Errol Willet, Georgia Tenore) and the combined knowledge of their teachers, going all the way back to the ten-thousand-year cup. My work has been shown in the Finger Lakes of New York, Westchester County, and Boston and is currently available at Woods Grove Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.