Jennie Chien

I create archetypal images of the invisible qualities in the psyche: intuition, instinct, and the intellect. Abraded surfaces and timeless environments, found in tribal artifacts, petroglyphs and Zen gardens, inspire me.

Clay holds the imprint of the hand more than other sculptural materials. I handbuild because it adds character to the form. I use techniques such as raku-, sawdust-, and woodfiring. The natural accidents that occur in those firings transform the clay surfaces by aging, abrading, and adding random markings.

My bodies of work include:

Guardian Spirits.
Angels and other guardian spirits represent Intuition and Inspiration. Pieces include raku- and woodfired gods and guardian angels, raku- and barrel-fired amulets.

Chien Noir Series.
The Black Dog represents the Id or Instinct. Opening up to Instinct and mastering it brings you into sync with the power of the natural world. Slab- and coilbuilt vessels, black dogs, raku-fired amulets and oracle bones.

Open Heads Series. “You are what’s in your head.”
These represent the Intellect. Thinking is how one determines right and wrong. This affects how the world is viewed and justifies actions taken. Stoneware vase forms and sawdust-fired godlet heads.

  • Jennie Chien Talking God
  • Jennie Chien Lord Angel
  • Jennie Chien Ganesh 5 Reclining