Revised & adopted July 5, 2012

Article I: Statement of Purpose:

Hudson River Potters is a group of potters dedicated to refining their skills, sharing techniques, and inspiring each other’s creative vision. The organization is predicated upon personal involvement and individual development through association with the whole.

Article II: Membership

Membership is open to all interested in the production of ceramic wares both artistic and functional. The annual membership term runs from September 1 through August 31. New members are requested to fill out an application form detailing their interests and skill levels. HRP sets aside time at regular meetings for new members to show their work and introduce themselves to the group. All members are encouraged to participate in the sub-committees or in another capacity that furthers the activities of the organization. All members are encouraged to maintain a presence on the HRP website.

Article III: Meetings

General meetings are held once a month from September through June, excluding December. Each meeting begins with an informal social gathering, a brief business meeting, and the principal program of the evening. The September meeting is devoted to an opening business and organizational meeting. Information about program presenters is circulated to members in advance of each monthly meeting. Prospective members may attend one monthly meeting prior to joining and paying dues.

Article IV: Dues

Annual dues of $50 are to be paid between July 1 and September 1. New members joining after September are required to pay the full year’s dues amount. The yearly dues amount may be changed by the Steering Committee if deemed necessary. Artists residing more than 50 miles from the HRP postal address who request a limited membership (will not participate in shows or attend more than 3 meetings per year) can pay $25. Students age 18 or less can pay $25 and participate in all meetings, but must pay $50 to join shows.

Payment of membership dues by the September annual meeting is required for participation in meeting presentations, website presence, workshops and shows. Anyone who has failed to pay their dues before October 1 will be removed from the group website and email list.

Article V: Governance

A. A Steering Committee composed of six HRP members shall set policy for the organization and perform the following functions:

  • Set date, time and agenda of monthly general meetings, prepare and distribute meeting minutes to steering committee members as appropriate.
  • Meet regularly (typically monthly) to discuss HRP concerns, policies, and ongoing business.
  • Maintain and update the membership list and circulate copies among the members at least annually.
  • Maintain the treasury and report on our fiscal condition to the general membership.
  • Facilitate and encourage member participation in all areas of HRP activity.

B. Composition

The Steering Committee shall comprise six people serving a minimum of three-year terms in order to allow continuity from previous years. Replacements will be selected by existing Steering Committee members and confirmed by general membership at the annual business meeting. If a committee member resigns before the end of the three-year term, the remaining members shall seek a replacement to be ratified by the general membership as soon as possible.

C. Steering Committee Governance

In order to conduct SC meetings and HRP business in an efficient manner, the Steering committee shall designate the following positions, each normally assigned to one Committee member:

Chair: Prepares agenda, presides at SC meetings and arranges distribution of SC meeting minutes among SC members after each SC meeting. Coordinates efforts of Committee as a whole.

Treasurer: Oversees finances; responsible for collecting membership dues, expense disbursement and maintaining financial records and accounts. Reports based on these records shall be presented to the Steering Committee monthly. The treasurer also presents the annual budget to the membership at the September Annual Meeting,. The Treasurer and one additional Steering Committee member are the only signatories on Hudson River Potter bank accounts.

Membership: maintains, updates and distributes a list of members; plans promotion effort to recruit new members; introduces new members and facilitates integration into the group.

Shows: Keeps track of HRP show inventory. Compiles and maintains the HRP Show Handbook, which details the protocol for HRP shows and sales of members’ work. Facilitates and advises the organizing committee of each individual show, ensures smooth transition between shows, and researches new show venues.

Communications: Maintains website, which includes news of interest to members, major items of business, the monthly meeting program, and member profiles.

Programs: Identifies programs of interest for general meetings; invites guest speakers and workshops; and maintains records of past speakers.

Article VI: Shows and Sales

All shows and sales are to be conducted according to the guidelines set forth in the Hudson River Potters Show Handbook. Individual show organizers are responsible for all facets of their respective shows, including publicity, overseeing quality, pricing, and compatibility of work. Funds for sale expenses come from participating members, not from the general treasury. Each artist must provide the Show Treasurer a record listing each item sold, so that the cost of using the show venue can be allocated in proportion to each artist’s sales total. All show participants must establish an individual listing on the HRP website prior to showing or selling activity under the name of Hudson River Potters. Every participant must also provide a copy of their individual NYS Sales Tax Certificate prior to the date of the show (unless ALL items to be displayed are NFS).

If more members request to participate in a show than the venue can accommodate, the Steering Committee will determine who gets to be in that show, or if some artists should share a table.

Sales for items sold at HRP shows are processed by each artist individually. Each artist shall also collect and report sales taxes for all items sold at HRP shows.

Bylaw Review

The statement of purpose and bylaws shall be reviewed whenever deemed appropriate.

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