Pottery & Sculpture by Keith Gordon

I first learned about clay from my mother Mildred Gordon who was a professional potter in the D.C. area. Before I made any pots myself, I helped in her studio, building wheels, building & firing kilns, hauling clay and mixing glazes. I started learning to throw on the wheel in 1971. At that time I was class assistant at the Baltimore Museum of Art to Olin Russum, a wonderful teacher and master potter, who was also my mother's first instructor. Since then, I've taken classes at Fairmont State College, Westchester Art Workshop, Belle Levine Art Center, Garrison Art Center, as well as workshops at Peters Valley, Sugar Maples, Clay Art Center, Rockland Art Center, Kissimmee River Pottery and Touchstone Crafts Center. I am forever learning new things and hope this is how my art experience remains for the rest of my life in clay.

My work is a mix of functional stoneware, figurative and abstract sculpture and tiles. I fire my oxidation work in an electric kiln and my reduction work in a propane kiln. I enjoy making things that people can use daily as well as objects that enhance where we live and work. These include tile hallway floors, ceramic sinks, chimney caps, house numbers, tile tables, vases, planters, dishes, etc.

In my work, I strive to express the plasticity of clay in ways that bring delight and sometimes surprise.

Hudson River Potters - P.O. Box 1411, Scarsdale, New York 10583-9411
Keith Gordon
Keith Gordon
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