Hudson River Potters - P.O. Box 1411, Scarsdale, New York 10583-9411

Revised October, 1996

Unified as a compass and diverse as its many points, the Hudson River Potters includes
sculptors, whistle-makers, and production potters who make teapots and mugs, jugs and
plates: coilbuilders, slabthrowers, wheelthrowers; potters who work with low-fire
earthenware clay, with stoneware, and with porcelain, in styles that run the gamut from
rough to smooth, from controlled to spontaneous, from plain to fancy.  More an affinity
group than an organization the Hudson River Potters provides its members with a yeasty
atmosphere rich in shared techniques and creative energy.

·        We are an informal group.
·        We are loosely structured.

·        Anyone who wants to join is welcome: no jurying in or out.

·        Members are encouraged to participate in activities beyond attending meetings.

·        In order to maintain its character and purpose, HRP has a volunteer steering
committee.  The slate of volunteers for each year’s steering committee is approved by
the entire membership attending the May meeting.

·        HRP has monthly meetings September through June.  Meetings are held  during
the second week of each month and may alternate days on a monthly basis so as many
members as possible can attend.

·        HRP charges annual dues payable July 1.  New members dues are prorated from
the month they join.  Guests may attend one (1) meeting with no obligation to join or pay
a fee as a guest.  If there is a guest speaker, there is a $5 charge.

·        As part of our efforts to nurture new members, HRP sets aside time for new
members to show their work and introduce themselves to the group.

·        The Holiday Sale is open to all who are HRP members before the date of Sale.

·        If there is an adjunct exhibit at the Holiday Sale, any member is welcome to show
his or her work - no jurying.  The number of pieces per member depends upon available

·        The Holiday sale/Exhibit will have its own committee, independent of the HRP
Steering committee.  Funds for expenses of the Holiday Sale will come from entrance
fees of participating members, not general treasury.

·        Statement of purposes and Steering Committee Bylaws to be reviewed by a Special
Review Committee every three (3) years.

·        The Hudson River Potters is a group whose vitality is in its flexibility for grouping
and regrouping: an organization whose programs grow out of the interests and
immediate needs of its members.  The real strength of the HRP is the tremendous sense
of personal involvement of the members with groups, of individual development through