Hudson River Potters:  The Joy of Clay

The potter’s task is to guide an inert lump of clay into an object of
seemingly effortless beauty.   The process is both exacting and
solitary, each step marked by endless experimentation, frequent
failure and wholly unexpected results.  Hudson River Potters was
formed over thirty years ago by a disparate group of ceramic artists,
with the goal of sharing strategies, technical insights, failures and
triumphs, in a yeasty atmosphere rich in creative energy.   Then as
now, we are guided by the recognition that sharing can only benefit
us all.   Techniques may be borrowed; glaze recipes may be traded;
forms may be mimicked; visions may inspire, but the hands and heart
of the individual potter invariably lend their unique stamp to a work.  
Our work ranges from abstract sculpture to functional tableware;
from whimsical to sturdy; decorative to utilitarian; spontaneous to

Monthly gatherings are at various members'
homes and feature a wide variety of guest
speakers and demonstrations, while periodic
group outings to museums and galleries
throughout the metropolitan area provide
fresh inspiration.  In addition, Hudson River
Potters provides members the opportunity
to showcase their work at a number of local
Hudson River Potters - P.O. Box 1411, Scarsdale, New York 10583-9411
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Speakers and demonstrators for our
monthly meetings are chosen
through our program committee.
To apply, contact
Geri Wiles