Carol Fessler

My aim is to make objects of grace, beauty and utility that bring pleasure to the people who use them. My forms are organic, with gentle curves and undulations, informed by the shapes in nature. I glaze my pieces with subtle layers of color, primarily using the soft palette of sunrises and sunsets.

In making my pottery, I primarily use the wheel, so that its motion may be captured in the form, but I also supplement my wheel thrown pieces with handbuilt work. My favorite clay is porcelain. Its malleability lends itself to my curving forms, and its clean white surface provides a perfect base for my translucent glazes. When function requires a more robust clay, I use a white stoneware.

I am a long time resident of Yorktown Heights, and am proud and grateful to work out of Peekskill Clay Studios.

Instagram: @carol.fessler