Ellen Lasser

I have always been intrigued by art and color in one form or another since childhood; whether it was coloring, painting, beading or other forms of creative expression in which I could totally immerse myself. However, when I ‘discovered’ pottery I clicked with that medium immediately. I found that working in three dimensions with clay and experiencing the clay moving through my fingers was very compelling. Forming a beautiful functional or nonfunctional piece of art from a ball of clay from the earth and asking it to conform to the idea in my head is something I am still amazed by. I love surface design including sgraffito and carving and incorporating my drawing and painting skills into some of my work. I work on the wheel and with hand building and find I like to alter pieces that are formed on and off the wheel. To me, it is an ever evolving work of art, literally and figuratively. I work both in my home studio as well as at Peekskill Clay Studios with my ‘clay family’.