Jeffrey Dean

As long as I can remember, I have been interested in the arts. I have created using drawing, painting, sculpture, and textiles. This was very helpful in my role as an art therapist. I was able to use a wide range of media in order to help others express themselves and seek out making meaningful growth through art production. Over the last 20 years, my professional life has taken me away from daily working with clients, to helping other professionals help clients. As I became more enmeshed in administrative work, I rediscovered my need for personal creative expression. I tried fabric arts, photography and drawing, but quickly returned to my first love, clay.

I enjoy making functional pieces on the wheel and adding sculptural elements. I want people to interact with my pieces, whether it’s a mug or a vase or a lidded jar. I like to see the process of creation reflected in the piece. Marks left by the potter’s hands, or the drip of the glaze; I believe adds character and life to the object, making it more approachable.

My themes for my work reflect my wide range of interests. These include gardening, spirituality, and mythology. However, I find myself continually returning to portraying human emotion and experience. I try to let my pieces speak out loud, and sometimes in a humorous fashion. I enjoy when others have a strong reaction to my work. Nothing makes me happier than to hear others laugh out loud the first time they see a new creation. I believe that I have been successful, when I sit back, look at a new creation, and start laughing. I feel like I have been able to add a little bit of joy into this world.

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