Maggie Chow

Pottery has become my passion and my hobby, a new avenue to express ideas and creativity in the past few years. It provides me a new space for my mind – a peaceful, creativity world that I found it to be addictive! I like to explore different techniques, shape, clay bodies and glaze through the inspiration of my family, events and memories.

I am an engineer by training. My professional environment is highly regulated and structured. I found the common successful elements in both worlds – Discipline and Practice! (A lot of practice.) In creating ceramic pots also help me to train my patience and the critical eyes to see. It takes so much work to make a beautiful pottery piece for others to enjoy. That makes me think about how much God loves us as He used His remarkable creative hands to make us into such beautiful children of His. As in Isaiah 64:8 “O Lord, our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”

Thank you for your interests in my work. I hope you will enjoy my pieces, as this journey in clay always bring me so much surprise like in our life experience!

Maggie Chow

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