Orit Daly

Little Light Pottery, functional and decorative pottery by Orit Daly

I love making things. I grew up in a house of artists and architects but I didn’t realize that I enjoyed making things until I was an adult and a friend taught me to knit. I soon took classes at a local ceramic studio and loved the feeling of the clay between my fingers and the final product that I produced. After 17 years as a high school and middle school History teacher I left to focus on my family and my art.

I find my inspiration in nature. My work reflects the mountains where we love to go as a family as well as my garden in northern Westchester County, New York. It is usually based on whatever I can find to put into my work when I step outside my door. I don’t see weeds, I see inspiration and beauty.

I work mainly in stoneware as I love the sturdiness of the material. I don’t like to be too delicate in my work. I carve, I press, I form, I glaze, I use. My work is practical and useful, if it is a tile or than a hook is placed on the back so that the work can be decorative until it is time to use as a service item.

Instagram: @little_light_pottery

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