Ronnie Yastion

When I sit down to create a piece of pottery on the wheel my one intention is to bring something beautiful into the world. Symmetry, inspiration from nature, balanced colors and patterns, lines and shapes all work together to bring about the birth of a uniquely beautiful object. In my work as an artist, I do not attempt to please others. The surface designs, shapes and colors I use are used because I find them aesthetically pleasing. And what is drawn forth on a given day happens as an inspiration sometimes during a morning or evening meditation or on a run in the mountains. Ultimately, it’s about the pursuit of beauty and the love of a life that is well lived. Life is not meant to be rushed. It is meant to be savored and enjoyed. Life is beautiful and I want to see that beauty all around me in the everyday objects that we routinely touch and hold. When I create a bowl or vase, I visualize an everyday moment being imbued with the sublime. Holding your morning coffee in a handmade cup you feel the presence of the hand that sculpted it. It is a unique creation, mindfully sculpted. The serving bowl at a family dinner is in itself a work of beauty and speaks to a lifestyle in which presence and connection are valued over the rushed, hoarding lifestyles of our modern consumeristic culture. It is my hope that the beautiful objects that I create enliven and bring more presence and heart to our daily lives.