Sally Spielvogel

I have been working with clay on and off about 20 years. I work primarily on the wheel but move into hand building from time to time often combining the two. I feel my work is in a state of constant flux and I am always looking for new directions to express my forms.

My influences are varied. I have traveled extensively and I cull from all I have seen and experienced and use it in the expressiom of my work. Most of my pieces are spontaneous rather then planned. I prefer to work in the moment tho at times I bring ideas to the studio. I am not a follower of any particular movement in the field of ceramics.

I have studied with Henry Okomto, Karen Karnes, woody Hughes, Harriet Ross, cliff Mendelson, Connie Sherman, Reena Kashyup, Keiko Ashida and Jean Carreau. I have exhibited and sold my work at the Westchester Art Gallery, Garrison Art Gallery, Hands of Man Gallery, Starving Artist Gallery Eastchester Public Library, Howland Center for the Arts, Briarcliff Congregational Church among others. I also sell privately.


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