Stefani Lowry

I have been exploring art in some form since my early childhood. I started with painting then gravitated to sculpture and the ceramic arts. My earliest dabbling was mostly a feeble attempt to answer a deep yearning inside that I did not fully understand. As the years passed, the pull was so strong that I needed to address it with some serious commitment. With that realization, I enrolled in a ceramics curriculum and a new world opened up. Working in clay became the most rewarding of all experiences. It allowed me to express myself on many levels; emotionally, architecturally, robustly, diminutively, abstractly, realistically. Whatever the mood, it found its way through the clay.

Presently, figurative and architectural designs dominate my creative expression. The body has always captured my interest for it is the ultimate creation; it is a vessel for the soul. My vessels are containers that metaphorically hold the fragments of this soul.

My work tries to capture and render the essence of the spirit within; its timelessness and beauty. There are few preconceived notions. I work intuitively allowing the creative energy to alight. My creative expression comes from a source beyond my limited imagination, a source I simply pay homage to and my finished works are gifts that I have the privilege to share.


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