Susan Gans

I began working on a potter's wheel my senior year in high school. Having already chosen my career path as an Occupational Therapist, I took an art class. The first semester was learning to throw pots but I was allowed to do that for the whole year with my final exam being the creation of a tea pot. This encompassed all the techniques necessary for functional pottery - a pot, spout, lid, and handle. I was hooked!

There have been long spells of time where I was unable to find a studio where I could study; however, I have been consistently throwing on the wheel since 1998. I take weekly classes at the Clay Art Center in Port Chester, NY where I have been influenced by Georgia Tenore, Reena Kashyap, Bob Green and a myriad of other teachers, students and residents who have all contributed to my craft. I focus on functional pottery for everyday use whether it is mugs, bowls, utensil jars, vases, berry and batter bowls, earring holders or candle warmers. Most of my work is high fire cone 10 reduction with some Raku and saggar pit firings. I am drawn to earth-toned glazes. I get joy out of the learning process (creating different forms and trying new glaze combinations) and then seeing others enjoy using what I have made.

I have been selling my work at various craft shows in NY and NJ since 2005. The experience of meeting attendees and discussing pottery brings me joy. My philosophy of life is that one should never stop learning. I strived for that in my job as an Occupational Therapist (I retired in 2012.) and as a functional potter.