Eastchester Holiday Show

December 4-5, 2021
Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Sunday: 1pm - 4pm

Come join us on December 4 and 5 at the Eastchester Public Library at 11 Oakridge Place, Eastchester, NY for a live show and sale! Our annual show offers free admission. Masks are required.

Maggie Chow

Photo Maggie Chow

Pottery is my passion and love. Daytime I am an engineer/innovator constantly solving problems and making the world a better place. Inspired by nature, my work combines art and engineering to create intrigue beautiful functional design to bring joy for others to share. I competed nationally and have juried in professional shows and awards.

Instagram: potter.maggiec

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Steve Coleman

Photo Steve Coleman

I have been a potter for a number of years, using pottery as an outlet to channel my creative impulses. I have a passion for functional pottery that is evocative and that makes itself known. I have a home studio in White Plains, New York, but I am also affiliated with the Clay Art Center in Port Chester, New York. I create functional and decorative pottery that reflects my moods and adds to my living environment. Pottery can be a political statement, and can be an extension of the written and spoken word. It can also be a source of warmth and support.

Instagram: facesandflowerspottery

Website: www.facesandflowerspottery.com

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Orit Daly

Photo Orit Daly

Orit has been making pottery for over twenty years. Her work reflects the mountains where she and her family go often as well as her garden and nearby trails in northern Westchester County, New York. Orit works mainly in white stoneware as well as red clay as to avoid the delicate and create sturdy, functional pieces.

Instagram: little_light_pottery

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Jeffrey Dean

Photo Jeffrey Dean

I enjoy making functional pieces on the wheel and adding sculptural elements. I want people to interact with my pieces, whether it’s a mug or a vase or a lidded jar. I like to see the process of creation reflected in the piece. Marks left by the potter’s hands, or the drip of the glaze; I believe adds character and life to the object, making it more approachable.

Instagram: facesandflowerspottery

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Susan Gans

Photo Susan Gans

I have been consistently throwing on the wheel since 1998, taking classes at the Clay Art Center in Port Chester, NY, Snowfarm in Williamsburg, MA and Castle Hill in Truro, MA, where I have been influenced by Georgia Tenore, James Pastore, Tom White, Bob Green and a myriad of other teachers, students and residents who have all contributed to my craft. I focus on functional pottery for everyday use. Most of my work is high fire cone 10 reduction with some decorative pottery in Raku and saggar pit firings. I am drawn to earth-toned glazes. I get joy out of the learning process (creating different forms and trying new glaze combinations) and then seeing others enjoy using what I have made.

I have been selling my work at craft shows in NY and NJ since 2005. The experience of meeting attendees and discussing pottery brings me joy. My philosophy of life is that one should never stop learning. I strived for that in my job as an Occupational Therapist (I retired in 2012.) and as a functional potter.

Keith Gordon

Photo Keith Gordon

My themes for my work reflect my wide range of interests. These include gardening, spirituality, and mythology. However, I find myself continually returning to portraying human emotion and experience. I try to let my pieces speak out loud, and sometimes in a humorous fashion. I enjoy when others have a strong reaction to my work. Nothing makes me happier than to hear others laugh out loud the first time they see a new creation. I believe that I have been successful, when I sit back, look at a new creation, and start laughing. I feel like I have been able to add a little bit of joy into this world.

Instagram: cagey_creations

Website: CageyCreations.Weebly.com

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Ellen Z. Salov

Photo Ellen Salov

Ellen Z. Salov is an artist and a high school art teacher who lives and works in southern Westchester. She draws her inspiration from her students, the people in her life and those absent from it, the ideas surrounding ‘home,’ the beauty of her parents’ Croatian homeland, and the exciting, ever-changing, always humbling nature of clay.

Instagram: ellenzsalov

Lucy Schaeffer

Photo Lucy Schaeffer

Lucy Schaeffer is a commercial photographer, shooting food and lifestyle campaigns for many big and small clients for over 15 years. She discovered pottery a few years ago while living in Brooklyn and quickly fell in love with the process. Now keeping her cameras and computers free of clay dust is a daily struggle.

Lucy lives in Croton on Hudson with her husband and two daughters who know to look for her in her small garage pottery studio if she can’t be found. She loves to sneak her own bowls, plates, mugs, and cheese boards into food shoots as props and is thrilled to be a new member of the Hudson River Potters group.

Instagram: lucybeaumontclay

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Sally Spielvogel

Photo Sally Spielvogel

I have been working with clay on and off for about 25 years. I work primarily on the wheel but move into hand building as I feel the need to use the clay in a different way. At times I combine the two to achieve the results I am working toward. I feel my work is in a constant state of flux as I seek new pathways to expression.

My influences are varied. I have traveled extensively and I cull from whatever I have seen and experiences into my work. Most of my pieces are spontaneous. I prefer to work in the moment. At times I do bring ideas to the studio. To work with clay is a gift. The ability to create an infinite variety of shapes and forms, wheel thrown or hand built is a source of endless joy and satisfaction.

Gerrie Wiles

Photo Gerrie Wiles

I attended art college in the 1970s and a few years later I earned my masters degree in education. I combined my love of teaching and the arts into a phonics-based reading curriculum that I developed and taught. These days I love to work with clay. I am an animal sculptor, hand builder and potter. I incorporate my love of this planet into my clay designs. I create whimsical, clay animals, and place them I’m environments that are fun as well as functional. I hand build mugs, jars and trays which are pieces of art and can be used to hold beverages and food. I use clay as a canvas for paintings of animals, flowers and trees. I have participated in group and juried shows in White Plains, Mamaroneck, Yonkers, the Hamptons and Toledo, Ohio.

Instagram: geraldinewiles

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