HRP Fall Pop Up is Now Live!

November 21 & 22, 2020

All potters are now offering their work online. Scroll down to visit each potters‘ Shop page!

Each season brings new challenges during this difficult time. Fourteen Hudson River Potters committed to a virtual Pop-Up show to showcase fun, decorative and functional pieces to brighten your day. We look forward to sharing our creations with you and hope that they will bring some brightness to your day or help you brighten the holidays for those you love.

Maggie Chow

Photo Maggie Chow

Pottery is my passion and love. Daytime I am an engineer/innovator constantly solving problems and making the world a better place. Inspired by nature, my work combines art and engineering to create intrigue beautiful functional design to bring joy for others to share. I compete nationally and have juried in professional shows and awards.

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Steve Coleman

Photo Steve Coleman

I have been a potter for a number of years, using pottery as an outlet to channel my creative impulses. I have a passion for functional pottery that is evocative and that makes itself known. I have a home studio in White Plains, New York, but I am also affiliated with the Clay Art Center in Port Chester, New York. I create functional and decorative pottery that reflects my moods and adds to my living environment. Pottery can be a political statement, and can be an extension of the written and spoken word. It can also be a source of warmth and support.

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Orit Daly

Photo Orit Daly

Little Light Pottery, functional and decorative pottery by Orit Daly.

Orit Daly work focuses on functional pottery. After 17 years as a high school and middle school History teacher Orit left to focus on family and art. What started as a hobby with community classes has now evolved into a full time occupation after 20 years of practice and experimentation. Orit’s work reflects the mountains where she and her family go often as well as her garden and nearby trails in northern Westchester County, New York. Orit works mainly in white stoneware as well as red clay as to avoid the delicate and create sturdy, functional pieces.

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Jeffrey Dean

Photo Jeffrey Dean

Jeff has been working in clay on and off for over 40 years. He has a Master’s degree in Creative Arts Therapy, with a specialty in children and adolescent creativity development. He worked in the helping professions for almost 30 years, before deciding to devote his time and energy to creative work with clay Jeff believes that functional ceramics should also reflect the personality of the potter. His works are often full of whimsy and humor. Ask him about his footed bowl series!

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Bracken Feldman

Photo Bracken Feldman

Bracken is a practicing potter at Railyard Arts Studio in Croton Falls, NY. Bracken began throwing in High school, and quickly found her calling. Bracken creates a variety of functional works from teapots to large bowls to dinnerware sets. Bracken enjoys experimenting with different clay bodies and glaze.

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Lindsey Francis

Photo Lindsey Francis

Lindsey is primarily a ceramic artist and painter and has her studio at her home in Ossining, NY. In addition to her ongoing studio work she is a community art show curator, mural artist, an established Teaching Artist, and the Project Manager at Lifetime Arts. She currently serves on two boards, the Ossining Arts Project and Bethany Arts Community. She uses her personal artwork as a platform and voice for those living with chronic illness like herself.

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Harris Ginsberg

Photo Harris Ginsberg

Harris returned to art after 30 years as a psychologist in Talent Development at Pfizer, IBM, ADP, JPMorgan Chase and Colgate Palmolive. Trained in oils and water colors, Harris explored various media before discovering his passion for clay.Inspired by Tuscany and Provence, he reproduces Mediterranean colors in his wheel thrown bowls and dishes. His unique hand-built shells capture the feel of the sea from New England summers. Molten sea glass from the Connecticut shore complements many shells. Harris lives and works in Westchester County, New York.

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Keith Gordon

Photo Keith Gordon

I am a second generation potter/sculptor who has worked with clay for 50 years. My home studio is located in Ossining, NY. I manage the ceramics studio at Cedar Lane Arts Center and teach adults. My work includes functional and sculptural pieces in stoneware, porcelain and raku. I am inspired by natural/organic shapes and explore the 3-D potentials of forms. I am also an officer of Hudson River Potters and the Ossining Arts Council.

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Philip Mailman

Photo Philip Mailman

I’ve yet to develop a philosophy directing my thinking in ceramics. Much like my attitude with adulthood, I’m in flux experimenting and improving with each experience. And if there is a hallmark to my work it is that I will try everything, and while only a single attempt may satisfy me, the attempt increases my knowledge and core skills. I just like the feel of clay and thrill at my improving ability to create at the wheel. And that pales to my excitement when the kiln is unloaded and the magic of chemistry presents a “thing of beauty.”

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Karen McKee

Photo Karen McKee

My work is wheel thrown or hand built using porcelain clay. I use brushwork (underglazes) to decorate and glaze overall to insure food safety. My brushwork celebrates the use of color using stencils and underglazes. I can then achieve images that are both bold yet have a subtle underlying pattern. Most work is formed on the wheel with additional hand built accents, such as hollow handles or curled feet/handles. I use slump and hump molds and build around them, leaving room to cut away the outline of flowers. All pieces are fired to cone 6 in oxidation.

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Kate Poland

Photo Kate Poland

My work is driven by practical functionality first and foremost, and a warmth that I hope is conveyed in the handling of the pots. I love an earthy palette, and details where the glaze can catch — groove marks, stamping, fluted lines. My pots are meant to be used every day, and I hope they bring simple joy to those who use them.

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Geraldine Wiles

Photo Geraldine Wiles

Gerrie Wiles has been creating art in different mediums for as long as she can remember. These days she is building ceramic pieces that are fun as well as functional — illustrating trays & mugs with whimsical creatures, as well as creating jars with flower impressions & lids with small, fun animal sculptures that sit atop them.

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Mark Womack

Photo Mark Womack

Mark has been doing pottery for over three years. He has a home studio where he has been perfecting his craft of functional items with an eye towards comfort and usability. Mark says, “Creating things that people love to use has always been a goal of anything I have done in life, and pottery is one of the most direct ways I can do that. I really enjoy that aspect of it.”

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Vicky Youngman

Photo Vicky Youngman

I celebrate life by making art and strive to capture the beauty of life, always changing, forever in transition. I am pleased when people comment that I make "happy pieces" that have a "healing" quality to them. It brings me satisfaction to know that people use my creations in their daily lives and appreciate my artistic efforts.

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