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When: Tuesday, June 25, 2024
7:30pm on Zoom

Special Guest: Sierra Yip-Bannicq

We are excited to have Sierra Yip-Bannicq present for us for our June meeting! Join us for HRP's next Zoom meeting Tuesday, June 25th at 7:30pm. The meeting will open at 7:20 and the demo will start at 7:30.

Sierra Yip-Bannicq

The workshop offers an introductory exploration of slip casting, encompassing various facets of the technique. Beginning with a showcase of diverse mold types and styles, it clarifies the concept of molds and what makes a good "positive" to make the initial mold off of. Demonstrations of different types of mother molds, both plaster and silicone and why you would need a mother mold vs just one plaster mold. Through demonstrations, participants gain insight into the distinctions between molds with narrow versus wide mouth openings and the rationale behind molds featuring step-in or step-out mouths. Attendees will learn the preparation of molds for casting (rubber bands or straps), along with the process of mixing slip—both porcelain and low fire—and its subsequent pouring into molds. The workshop continues to the pouring out phase and provides guidance on demolding and handling freshly cast pieces, covering techniques applicable to molds of varying complexities, ranging from molds made of one to three parts.


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