Philip Mailman

I've yet to develop a philosophy directing my thinking in ceramics. Much like my attitude with adulthood, I'm in flux experimenting and improving with each experience. And if there is a hallmark to my work it is that I will try everything, and while only a single attempt may satisfy me, the attempt increases my knowledge and core skills. I just like the feel of clay and thrill at my improving ability to create at the wheel. And that pales to my excitement when the kiln is unloaded and the magic of chemistry presents, "a thing of beauty."

During the past fifteen years my functional pottery in white stoneware and porcelain have been guided through instructional classes with Connie Sherman at the Westchester Art Workshop in White Plains, NY, and Georgia Tenore and Jeanne Carreau at the Clay Art Center in Port Chester, NY. Currently, Deborah Lecce, at the Clay Studio, in Peekskill, NY, has opened a world of experiences increasing my color palate, hand-building and a general sense of letting go and allowing creativity to rein.

I continue to explore at the newly created studio in my home, and with the nurturing community of potters who like myself are members of the Hudson River Potters.
Hudson River Potters - P.O. Box 1411, Scarsdale, New York 10583-9411