Vicky Youngman
Hudson River Potters - P.O. Box 1411, Scarsdale, New York 10583-9411

I strive to create ceramic work that sings with delight because it is happy to be alive. Anthropomorphism aside, I am please when people comment that I make "happy pieces" that have a "healing" quality to them.

My artistic vision can best be described as artistic exploration. It involves the pleasure of experimentation and play, the joy of discovery and learning, the thrill of mastery and beauty and the satisfaction of sharing through teaching, exhibiting and selling my work.

Whether it is a mug, bowl, teapot or wall sculpture, I am energized by the process of creative pursuit, what will happen if? This journey has no end in sight, no destination other than the next step. I find it fascinating that prehistoric man began this journey nearly 30,000 years ago and that this major technological breakthrough was invented for art rather than utility.

I am awe-inspired when I view the work of ceramic artists from the historical past to the present and feel a deep connection with it. My artistic utilitarian objects, and occasional sculptures, are complete when they reach beyond personal self expression and make this connection with others in their daily rituals and lives.

Vicky Youngman
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