Ceramic Artists’ Gallery

Our talented artists range from sculptural artists to functional potters.

Contact specific potters directly to ask about studio sales and/or request to commission a piece.

Claudia Abate
Leslie Anders
Mary Andrews
Nicola Nieburg Boxall
Cathy Carabee-Faiella
Minu Chaudhuri
Maggie Chow
Steve Coleman
Orit Daly
Jeffrey Dean
Kate Doebler
Bracken Feldman

Lindsey Francis
Susan Gans
Harris Ginsberg
Keith Gordon
Annette Hastings
Catherine Horan
Brian Hugick
Michelle Kaufmann
Robin Kline
Ellen Lasser
Jill Leary
Haelim Lee

Stefani Lowry
Philip Mailman
Karen Mangis
Karen McKee
Puneeta Mittal
Una O'Malley Petrino
Karen Orenstein
Kate Poland
Renie Raiti
Donna Reed
David Rosen
Carrie Rosenfield